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Some people just can’t handle spicy food.

The menu of this Korean restaurant – the location of which is believed to be in the US or Canada – has gone down a storm on Reddit after someone noticed one particular detail.

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At the top right, there’s the option to pick how spicy you want your meal. It runs from the presumably mouth-burning ‘Extra-spicy’, through to ‘Mild’, and then at the bottom is ‘White’. Which most people took to mean a particular bland version for white people, who can’t handle any spice at all.

People on Reddit were sharing stories of similar things that they’d seen at their local restaurants.

SpectralFlame5 said:

At one of the Thai places in my home town I was asked if I wanted it Spicy or 'White Boy' Spicy.


I frequently hear my white friends complain about getting their food “White people spicy” instead of 'real spicy.'

My tongue reacts to capsaicin like I'm trying to eat the sun, so I'm totally ok with this stereotype.

There was some genuine outrage though. do_u_think_i_care said:

I’m going to riot in Starbucks.... I'm not going to tip the barista... I've had enough of this sh*t.

Some people did point out that it might not actually refer to Caucasian people, and instead be because the non-spicy soup is actually white in colour.

MaximumNameDensity :

The Korean characters to the right would translate to the color white, not white people, which is a different word (백인). In Korean culture the color white is associated with purity, in this case the implication would be 'without any, or very little spice of any kind'

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