This guy tried to impress his date with 'extra hot' Nando's trick, instantly regretted it

Research has shown us that men eat more, eat faster and eat spicier when dining with women - apparently to show off how much testosterone they have.

But one over-excited Nando's fan has taught everyone an important lesson: if you can't handle the burn, don't get so close to the flame. Particularly when you're on a first date...

Jonny Smith was left with rather red eyes after tucking into an extra spicy half chicken while dining at his local eaterie with the lucky lady.

Being a man unable to deal with "anything that is the slightest bit spicy", Jonny decided to sneak round the issue by asking the chefs to slip an "extra hot" black flag in his usual plain bird.

Jonny himself reminded us of the Nando's golden rule in his anguished Facebook post about the incident:

Plain = Lame

Peri Peri Spice = very very nice

But when his food arrived, the chef appeared to have conveniently forgotten the memo - and Jonny got his extra hot comeuppance.

After spending 15 minutes of his date in the gents toilet, Jonny howled his dismay:

Look at my eyes Nando's! Look what you've done to me!

To their credit, Nando's replied to his sorry tale with a standard portion of cheek:

We hope you’ve managed to dry your eyes since this unfortunate incident.

Deceiving your date for the sake of your bravado is never something we recommend

We’ve got our wings crossed for that second date

Hi Nando's! I'm normally a big fan of your resteraunts so where better to take a potential suitor on a first date?I...

Posted by Jonny Smith on Tuesday, 15 March 2016
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