Leopards feature in latest edition of acclaimed wildlife photobook series

Leopards feature in latest edition of acclaimed wildlife photobook series
A Sri Lankan leopard photographed in Yala National Park, Sri Lanka, for the photobook series (Kevin Dooley/Remembering Leopards/PA)
Kevin Dooley/Remembering Leopards

An acclaimed wildlife book series that has donated more than £1 million to conservation projects has dedicated its latest publication to the leopard.

Remembering Leopards aims to raise funds and awareness about the plight of the big cat which is believed to be extinct in more than a quarter of the countries it once called home.

The hardback coffee-table book is a collection of 80 colour images taken by some of the world’s leading wildlife photographers showing the animals in their natural habitat.

Thirsty African leopards stay alert while drinking in Dinaka, Central Kalahari Game Reserve, Botswana (Margot Raggett/Remembering Leopards/PA)

Margot Raggett, founder and producer of the Remembering Wildlife series, said: “With their sheer beauty, aloofness and agility, leopards are coveted by photographers and safari-goers alike – there is something mesmerising about them that wins hearts the world over.

“And yet, because of human actions, the global leopard population and distribution is in decline and they are now believed extinct in 23 of their 85 original range countries.

“Leopards have vanished from at least 40% of their historic range in Africa and over 50% of their historic range in Asia.

“In addition to the threat of climate change and human-wildlife conflict, leopards also fall victim to the illegal wildlife trade – they are highly prized for their beautiful skin, as well as bones, teeth and claws.

“Our mission is not only to celebrate leopards but to raise urgent awareness that they are in decline and to raise funds for those working to protect them.”

An African leopard mother plays with her five-week-old cub in the Jao Reserve in Botswana (Suzi Eszterhas/Remembering Leopards/PA)

The Remembering Wildlife photobook series has attracted famous supporters including Russell Crowe, Ricky Gervais and Michelle Pfeiffer since the first book was launched in 2016, and it has featured threatened animals ranging from elephants and bears to rhinos.

In the latest book eight leopard sub-species – African, Amur, Arabian, Indian, Indochinese, Javan, Sri Lankan and Persian – are documented alongside snow and clouded leopards.

Photographers including Marsel van Oosten, Art Wolfe, Frans Lanting, Greg du Toit, and Michael Poliza have all generously donated images to help protect leopards in the wild.

The first donation from the book, available from and priced £49.50, has been made to a Wildlife Conservation Society project to protect snow leopards in Afghanistan.

Dr Luke Hunter, executive director of the Wildlife Conservation Society’s Big Cats Programme, says in his foreword to the book: “Remembering Leopards reminds us of what is at stake.

“When you look upon the glorious cats on these pages, be assured that it is not too late to save them. Don’t let Remembering Leopards become an epitaph.”

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