Just one whole minute of Logan Roy from Succession shouting 'f**k off'

Just one whole minute of Logan Roy from Succession shouting 'f**k off'

Logan Roy's beloved catch phrase from Succession


Succession is an iconic TV hit - following the messed up lives of a powerful media mogul and his family, who kind reminds us of one real-life media dynasty.

And of the most memorable recurring phrases from the show has been turned into an amazing sweary supercut video.

Logan Roy uses the f-bomb more than any other character we've heard. Actor Brian Cox even admitted he's started swearing more often after playing Logan in the show.

One Twitter user, Kristian von Streng Hæhre, treated the internet by compiling every single "f**k off" Logan has said across the three seasons of Succession. At nearly a minute long, the video is worth a watch.

The Twitter compilation went viral on Wednesday racking up over a million views.

Logan Roy's iconic line has made Cox synonymous with the line. In an interview withAccess Hollywood, the Succession star said fans beg him to say "f**k off" to them as an ode to his character.

Luckily Cox is a good sport and will often do it for fans who ask him. The actor even showed up to the European premiere of Succession wearing a "F**k Off" mask.

Brian Cox wears "F*** Off" mask at European premiere of Succession Getty Images

Consistent and iconic.

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