People think this man with mistletoe on a train to the airport is living 'Love Actually'

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Don't worry, this isn't another venom-filled piece about how poor Love Actually is.

On Christmas Eve 2016, this man was spotted on the way to Gatwick North Terminal.

Top analysis by indy100 surmises that by his lack of bags, he has not headed there to depart but to meet someone.

What's that he's holding?



...says the crowd.

We're excited. He looks so pensive and nervous!

He was spotted by Isobel Chillman, who tweeted the romantic gesture about to unfold.

Multiple people couldn't handle not knowing what happened next.

Sadly, Chillman wasn't sure.

Regardless, it resonated with fans of the film.

Her original photo was shared hundred of times.

A Christmas treat indeed.

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