Does famous 'Madonna and Child' painting contain proof aliens exist?

Does famous 'Madonna and Child' painting contain proof aliens exist?
What If Aliens Brought Life to Earth?

Some conspiracy theorists think they've spotted the existence of aliens in the famous "Maddona and Child" painting.

The piece of art is said to have originated in the 16th century and depicted the Nativity story, featuring baby Jesus Christ, Saint John the Baptist, and the Patron Saint of Florence.

The art can also be found in the Hall of Hercules on the second floor of the Palazzo Vecchio in Florence, Italy.

As stated in The Sun, many people think that there is a UFO shape that is floating in the sky in the top right-hand corner of the painting.

The flying saucer object looks like a tilted lead-coloured disk with a turret or small tower dome.

This is similar to descriptions provided in traditional science fiction about alien spacecraft.

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As a result, conspiracy theorists believed this was indicative of an ancient "UFO sighting" and called the image the "Madonna of the UFO."

On the other hand, the website Florence Inferno said that historians believe the UFO saucer is actually an angel who has the appearance of a dazzling cloud.

"In fact, while the representation of an angel in a non-anthropomorphic manner is rare, the Scriptures, especially the apocryphal Gospels, contain descriptions similar to the iconography of the "Tondo del Maestro Miller," the website reads.

This is far from the first time conspiracy theories suggested alien presence during historical times for humanity.

A self-proclaimed "time-traveller" from the year 2906 took to TikTok to reveal that angry aliens responsible for building the pyramids in Egypt are making a return to Earth on Christmas Day 2022.

"They put the pyramids on each planet that they take over if the planet has other life," the onscreen caption read.

"When they eventually come back to our planet, they will start the First War of Earth."

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