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A classified 'UFO' recording has been released – and it is concerning US intelligence

A classified 'UFO' recording has been released – and it is concerning US intelligence
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The US officials believe they have actually “caught” footage of an alien spacecraft, according to a new podcast.

A video recording of a “metallic-looking ball” running alongside a spy plane is allegedly now being investigated by America’s military and intelligence community, and the hosts of the show ‘Weaponized’ have obtained an image of it.

Filmmaker Jeremy Corbell and his co-presenter, journalist George Knapp, discuss the image of the “UFO”, which was produced by the Pentagon's Unidentified Aerial Phenomena Task Force.

It is now known as the Mosul orb, because it was spotted flying over northern Iraq back in April, 2016. Corbell and Knapp say the picture was released as part of a classified briefing for US officials, but they wanted to share it with their viewers and listeners.

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"Here's the very basics - it's called the Mosul orb, it's an image taken in Northern Iraq,” Corbell explains in the first episode of their series.

"This is in the UFO category within our intelligence community. This is an example of one of the UFOs that our military and intelligence community is looking at.

"It's one of many images, this one is actually a still from a video. It's a brief video, maybe four seconds, where this orb or this metallic-looking ball runs alongside a spy plane and it is shown moving beside the plane without dropping in altitude at all.

He continues: "This is part of the conversation of our intelligence community, this is what they're looking at.”

Knapp then points out that the footage reminds him of recordings taken from the USS Omaha in 2019, when unknown objects swarmed around the navy ship.

Corbell replies: "Isn't it funny? UFOs are often reported in four basic shapes, you've got spheres, pyramids, cubes, and cigars. Very fundamental shapes, totally not aerodynamic at all.

"You've got a flying cube, a flying sphere? These shapes are not aerodynamic.”

Turning back to the Mosul orb, he goes on: “This this is one of the pieces of video and photographic evidence that is within the intelligence community saying, this is a UFO, we caught one. What can we determine from it?”

Promising more other-worldly revelations in future ‘Weaponized’ episodes, he stresses: “There's just so much of this stuff. You'll never see this in the public realm other than right here.”

We look forward to seeing what else the pair have up their sleeves...

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