Man tries to catch out his girlfriend by sending someone to flirt with her - it backfires spectacularly

YouTube / To Catch a Cheater

What are the signs of a cheater? Suspicious outings, secretive texting and, er, feminism... apparently.

At least according to this guy.

He appeared on YouTube channel To Catch a Cheater to ensnare his girlfriend after becoming suspicious when she allegedly stopped participating in the bedroom, shaved her hair and "started to do all this feminist shit".

The crew sent a hired actor to spark up conversation with said girlfriend - and, as the pair become increasingly flirtatious, he can only watch on.

At one point the actor flexes his muscles in a move that somehow didn't come across as lame.

The girlfriend giggled and said: "Well I like the guy that's really forward. You're aggressive? You know what you want? I like that."

When the pair exchanged numbers, the boyfriend broke down.

He said:

She's turned into a totally different person man. She shouldn't let him sit down, like, f*cking talking like that.

The clip ends when the man becomes so upset he asks the crew to stop filming him.

These are strange times we live in.

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