This is the person that your partner is most likely to cheat on you with

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A survey has concluded that people who cheat on their partners, often do so with someone they know.

5000 people took part in the research by Australian jewellery company Forktipand the results don't paint a pretty picture of happy relationships, especially for men.

Both genders asserted that they had never had an affair (69.1 percent for women and 59.6 per cent for men). But for those who had been unfaithful, it was men who 'played away' the most.

Of the men surveyed, 40.4 per cent confessed to cheating on their current partner, with only 30.9 per cent of women confessing to infidelity.

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A more worrying statistic emerged after they were asked how many times they had cheated, with over half (52.4 per cent) saying "more than once".

Around a quarter confessed to cheating just the once, while 31.2 per cent confessed to be still cheating.

The participants of the survey also shared explanations for their cheating, with the top four reasons being:

  • Lack of enjoyment and fun
  • Not having enough sex
  • Partner cheated first
  • Partner not leaving you sexually satisfied

Perhaps the most shocking result of them all regarded who the cheaters cheated with.

The ambiguous "other" came out on top with 49.9 per cent. This probably means that it was someone that they didn't know.

Beyond that the next highest category was "with partner's friend" with 23.8 per cent, closely followed by an affair with a work colleague with 22.4 per cent.

In last place was "member of partner's family" with just 3.9 per cent.

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