Man who temporarily died claims angels took him to a pub in heaven

Man who temporarily died claims angels took him to a pub in heaven
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What does heaven look like? Well, according to one person, it looks a lot like your favourite pub.

David Hanzel, who claims to be a psychic medium and posts videos on TikTok, shared his experiences after he temporarily died following a bout of sepsis.

Hanzel was taken to the hospital in 2015. After ‘flatlining’, he was in a coma for two months.

According to Hanzel, he remembers encountering two 'angels' during the experience who took him to a bar.

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Speaking about his brush with death, he told the Daily Star: "I just remember closing my eyes because I was sick. And then when I opened my eyes back up, I was in this night sky.

"It was the most beautiful, velvety, silky night sky. No clouds. No stars. No nothing. And there wasn't a beginning or end to it,” he added.

He went on to talk about the two spirits that guided him through his journey, saying: "All of a sudden one being was on my left and one on my right. They just felt comfortable. Like I knew them.

"They showed me that it was the most beautiful, golden-white light. It was so pretty and there were all these angels and everything going up into it."

Hanzel then spoke about being taken to an otherworldly bar – only, without the alcohol.

"They had told me this later on, whatever your beliefs are or whatever you're comfortable with - this is what you're going to see first when you die.

"They put me in almost like a bar. It had these beautiful coloured bottles on the side. No alcohol or nothing."

Hanzel went on to say: "When you stepped, you didn't feel like your foot touched the ground. Like there's no gravity. It's kind of like you're floating and walking."

It sounds pretty peaceful, in all honesty. But to be honest we’d never want to be taken to a pub if there’s no booze on offer.

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