Inappropriate LinkedIn Message Sparks Debate

If you've been on LinkedIn long enough, you may have noticed a shift from traditional job-hunting to an ego-measuring contest complete with poetic corporate quotes from 'thinkfluencers'. Some users have even gone as far as treating the professional platform as a dating site.

Well, one man couldn't contain his excitement when he came across LinkedIn for the first time. "Why did nobody tell me that I was supposed to be doing this?" He enthusiastically asked his girlfriend.

In a viral TikTok that's garnered tens of thousands of views, @yolispeace explained that her partner was on the search for a new job. "Job hunting be like:" the text overlay read.

Stunned by his newfound discovery, he shouts: "What is this? I genuinely, I don’t understand," to which his girlfriend explains to viewers: "He’s been on LinkedIn for like an hour."

The man's attention soon turned to other users' connection count as he quizzed: "Why does everyone have 500 connections, and I don’t have any? Like when did we start doing this?"

"Why did nobody tell me that I was supposed to be doing this?"

When asked how many connections he has made, he hilariously replied "two", one of which was his girlfriend.

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People in the comments empathised with the man. "I only have like 30 connections and it’s so embarrassing," one TikToker said.

"I felt this so hard," a second commented.

Others noted the Facebookisation of the platform, with one saying: "I cannot deal. I saw three posts this week about peoples dead children. I CAME FOR WORK AND NOW I’M CRYING HERE TOO."

Another added: "You’re supposed to have connections on LinkedIn. What you’re not supposed to do is update your status like it’s Facebook. And that’s why it’s a joke."

Meanwhile, one user left job hunters with a genius (and questionable) hack: "I saw a TikTok saying to call the job you want and tell them that you missed a call to schedule an interview and hope that they're too busy to question it."

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