Man goes viral after posting thumb which extends 5.5 inches and regrows

Man goes viral after posting thumb which extends 5.5 inches and regrows
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A man has gone viral after showing off his giant thumb that can extend to 5 inches and appears to grow.

Jacob Pina is from Westport, Massachusetts and has risen to viral fame thanks to his unusual digit.

While in a relaxed state, his thumb is an average length but Pina is able to extend it to around 5 inches long.

In clips on his TikTok account (@jwpina), Pina has displayed what his thumb can do, including multiple clips where he places his hand under running water and stretches his thumb out as it somehow starts to grow.

Pina has also shown how the size of his extended thumb compares to household items, holding it up against a paper cup, a banana and a house phone.

His 2.2 million followers have been left shocked and intrigued by his unusual ability, with some unable to believe what their eyes are seeing.

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Replying to one clip, a TikToker wrote: “WAIT! WHAT? HOW?!”

Another person replied: “i have so many questions..”

One TikToker joked: “This dude is wolverine but instead of getting knifes out of his arm he is getting a new thumb.”

Another suggested: “Go to a X-ray to see how works cause it could be really interesting.”

Speaking to Metro, Pina explained: “There is no reason, it’s so big just an anomaly. When people see my thumb, they freak out and measure it next to their own thumb, I feel great about it.”

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