Man cracks joke about brother's divorce after he bodyshamed his wife

Man cracks joke about brother's divorce after he bodyshamed his wife
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A man who let his recently divorced brother crash at his place revealed that he kept bringing up how his wife had "let herself go."

In a post to Reddit's Am I The A**hole? forum the man shared how his brother's consistent comments about his wife's weight caused him to retaliate and fire back with a joke about his brother's divorce.

To begin with, the poster gave some context as to how his wife named Elle had previously worked as a sports model which caused her "to always be on a strict diet and was severely underweight."

Now though, she is "much happier" after she "gained a healthy amount of weight (and muscle)."

The man's brother named Chris is extremely wealthy and has just got out of a nasty divorce with his ex-wife and has asked to stay with his brother for a few weeks as he moves into his new place.

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When it comes to finding a romantic partner, Chris is described as having a "type."

"He believes that every woman should subscribe to his type. Any woman who doesn’t fit his preference is automatically ugly and unloveable. He wants all women to conform to his standards, hell or high water," the man wrote.

A couple of days ago, Chris happened to stumbled upon old magazine covers from Elle's modelling days and commented on how beautiful she was back then.

While the man described this comment as "harmless," he noted how his brother kept bringing up how much “she’s let herself go.”

Another instance was when Elle went for her nightly run, and Chris told her before she left to “run fast enough to lose all the flabby bits.”

In response, Elle rolled her eyes and laughed it off while the man told his brother to shut up.

The next day, a similar comment followed from Chris when he told his sister-in-law to "make sure to return to her old figure" when she headed out to the gym.

Once more, the man told his brother off and to stop fixating on his wife’s body, while Elle said that she's "used to it."

"By the end of the day, I was completely exhausted from listening to him. I was at my end, but Elle again, brushed him off with a smile and with a laugh," he wrote.

The man then explained the comment which caused his particular anger.

"When Elle served him food, he made a joke about paying for her tummy tuck so that 'I can marry the right version of Elle.' (The right version is the skinnier version of her.)"

"That comment set me off," he explained and retaliated with a comment on his brother's recent divorce - which didn't go down too well.

The man said a particular comment from his brother about his wife's body "set him off"iStockphoto by Getty Images

"I told him that 'his wife married the wrong version of him,' and to pack his s*** and leave my house. He did not take kindly to this, and complained about how insensitive I was to his situation and how I made a low blow.

"He eventually left, but Elle tells me that I could have kicked him out without the comment," he added before asking fellow Reddit users if he was in the wrong in this situation.

Over a thousand people flooded the comment section of the post to give their thoughts on the scenario - with many siding with the man on this occasion.

One person said: "NTA. Ok, it was a low blow about his divorce but given the revolting nature of his comments and the fact that he explicitly insulted your wife - while you are putting a roof over his head - makes it understandable. You are only human. You were far more polite than I would have been."

"I would've kicked him out at the second time, one warning and that's it," another person wrote.

Someone else replied: "There’s a reason why he’s [Chris] divorced and living with his brother."

"If he is going to be insensitive to other people, then he should expect to receive insensitive comments," a fourth person commented.

"With his views and unsolicited advice, I don't think Chris is anyone's type. Maybe if he treated women differently, he may still be married," they added.

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