Man tries to sell his ex’s wedding dress by modelling it himself

<p>TikTok user Morgan Macleod showed off his modelling snaps</p>

TikTok user Morgan Macleod showed off his modelling snaps


A burly former soldier said he “did what needed to be done” in a desperate bid to rid himself of his ex girlfriend’s wedding dress.

Morgan Macleod said he was “tired” of having the gown (and, presumably the memories) in his house, so he decided to sell it online.

A woman soon got in touch asking for more information about the dress and, more importantly, she wanted to see what it looked like on.

Rather than enlist the help of a female friend or relative, the former US Army member decided to don the lacy white number himself.

Macleod shared the snaps in a TikTok video, to the delight of more than 290,000 viewers.

He included screengrabs of his conversation with the prospective buyer, who asked: "Do you have any photos of this on a person? Or do you have the designer and style so I can look it up? I love it and it’s in my budget but I’m having trouble visualizing what it looks like on."

He replied: "If you want me to put it on I can, but I’m a guy with muscles and a ton of tattoos so [I don’t know] how it’ll look."

She then said she’d be keen to see him modeling the frock, to which he replied: "I’ll see if I can fit."


Luckily, he could (just about). And although the zipper wouldn’t close he was careful to give her the full picture, including front and back shots.

However, his efforts were in vain. "She didn’t buy it," Macleod confirmed.

Sadly, the exchange didn’t have a fairytale endingtacobellchipotle/TikTok

Still, he managed to impress thousands of fellow TikTokers, who praised his dedication and complimented him on the bold look.

"She didn’t buy it because she knew she could never looks as good as you did in it,” one admirer wrote.

“So you’re keeping it now, right? It looks great on you,” said another.

Asked if the dress eventually sold, Macleod replied: “NO, I STILL HAVE IT FML.”

However, he clearly appreciated the attention, writing in a separate comment: "I didn’t expect this to blow up. I have another dress of hers, should I do a round 2?"

TikTokers were desperate for more – so Macleod willingly obligedtacobellchipotle/TikTok

He followed it up with a second video, in which he changed back into the dress especially for fans.

“Haha this is great,” a bridal shop commented. “If you decide to pursue a career modelling wedding dresses let us know.”

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