Man's proposal to his girlfriend leaves her feeling 'bummed out'

Valentine's Day marriage proposals will be turned down

Getting proposed to is meant to be magical, or certainly a day to remember.

But one woman was left feeling "bummed out" after her boyfriend proposed marriage to her in a pretty chilled out way.

Posting on Reddit, the unnamed woman explained her other half proposed while "sitting on the couch" while watching TV, leaving her feeling "disappointed and bummed out."

She wrote: "We were watching our show on a random Tuesday, just sitting on the couch. After our show he pulls out the box and asks me to marry him. I know he was excited and I love him very much but nothing about it felt special."

She added: "I didn't want a big proposal or in front of anyone, but something with a little bit more effort and care would have made a huge difference."

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After it happened she said she talked to him about it "very gently".

"He agreed that it wasn’t his most thought out gesture and that he would make it up to me," she said. "Honestly, just communicating about my feelings with him made me feel a lot better. Because we are adults who communicate and listen to each other, we assured each other that are relationship is still strong."

All's well that ends well.

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