Man dramatically saves a kitten moments before it is hit by a car


In the early days of YouTube, Russian dashcam videos were very popular, providing viewers with an almost surreal look at what life was like in the home of Vladimir Putin.

The videos often involved car crashes and vehicles carrying inexplicable loads. There was a macabre sense of pleasure to be taken from the clips but there was rarely anything positive to actually take from them.

Well, that has all changed now after a man in the town of Sargatskoye, managed to dramatically save a tiny kitten from being run over by a car.

The 36-second clip was apparently recorded on September 5 and sees the cat idly wander into the road and underneath a car that appears to be waiting in traffic.

The owner of the car with the dashcam notices the kitten and blasts his horn to try and alert the driver in front.

That doesn't appear to do anything so he takes actions into his own hands and leaps out of his car and picks up the cat just seconds before it would have been crushed by one of the back wheels.

I less encouraging scenes the man then leaves the kitten at the side of the road before driving off. Who's to say that this sort of thing wouldn't happen again?

Oh well, we can only speculate but at least we didn't have to witness a poor kitten get squished. You can watch the full incident in the video below.

HT Mashable

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