Man compares skinned knees to period pain. It didn’t go down well

A man made the mistake of comparing skinned knees from a football match to period pain in tweet that went viral after people called it out as nonsense.

Twitter user @SARGEE_ attracted the ire of thousands online after he tweeted a picture of a fallen footballer and next to it, a pair of bloody, scraped knees.

He wrote: “Until women experience this, I don’t wanna hear about period pains.”

People online descended on the tweet

What's ironic is the knees he included in the tweet actually belong to a woman

"Oh my sweet summer child"

One woman pointed out the false dichotomy in his statement - after all, women play football and scrape their knees too...

And women play rugby, too...

What's the correct course of action here - ridicule or just moving on?

I see your Aunt Flo and raise you an "Uncle Patella"

Also, what exactly is the point he's trying to make?

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