A look inside the viral all-women gym that has men complaining about ...

A man was seemingly caught in the act filming an unsuspecting woman from behind – and it sparked a furious debate on TikTok.

In the viral clip that racked up almost 700,000 views, TikTok user Bentley Galva, explained: "Having brunch with friends and we caught this."

It shows the man sitting alone in a restaurant playing on his phone – his screen painted a different picture, however.

Upon closer inspection, it appears as though he is zooming in on a woman's butt while she is standing at the counter in a pair of white shorts.

The TikToker later confirmed that they called the man out and flagged the issue to the restaurant manager.

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The TikTok was inundated with hundreds of comments – and while most people highlighted how "scary" this situation was, others were quick to criticise the TikToker for doing the "same thing."

"No expectation of privacy, either way," one commented, while another added: "Someone probably has a video of you doing the same to him."

Luckily, people were quick to slam the ludicrous comments. "Y'all in the comments can't seriously be this dense," one argued.

"The amount of comments saying 'well you're recording him' is so worrisome to me", another highlighted.

"He's recording with bad intentions, one TikToker added. "Different from who's recording him."

Another expressed their concerns, saying: "Being a woman in today's society has become frightening."

This isn't the first time something of the sort has happened. After watching a workout video back, a woman was left feeling "disgusted" when she discovered a man lurking and recording her in the gym.

He seemed to have his camera open, and the young woman could be seen on his screen for a brief moment.

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