A young woman posted a video to TikTok that seemingly shows a man recording her working out.

TikToker @marziii10 was filming her workout when her camera picked up a man walking by.

He seemed to have his camera open, and the young woman could be seen on his screen for a brief moment.

He set his bag down near her phone before walking out of shot.

The woman walked back towards her phone and stopped recording.

The on-screen text on the video reads: “I’m disgusted.

“I was recording myself and it looks like I wasn’t the only one.”

Horrifyingly, in the caption she revealed that she didn’t even notice what was happening until she watched the video in her car.

Since sharing the video three days ago the clip has received 2.1 million views, over 130,000 likes, and 5,000 comments.

Several viewers urged her to report the incident to the gym’s manager.

“This is foul,” one commenter remarked.

Although the comments are largely supportive, some comments differ. One such comment reads: “He’s recording just like you.”

However others pointed out: “She was recording herself, not him. He had no right to record her.”

In a follow-up video she said she recorded herself to see her progress and her form. When the man approached she was worried her phone was in his way, so she got up and moved it.

She reached out to management at the gym and planned to review the gym’s footage with them.

Sadly this isn’t the first time we’ve reported on women catching negative experiences on camera while in the gym.

In August, an influencer was mocked by another gym-goer for recording herself.

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