Man has wedding date tattooed on his arm for wife - but it massively backfires

<p>The inking had one glaring issue </p>

The inking had one glaring issue


No good deed goes unpunished.

A man who decided he wanted to celebrate his first wedding anniversary with his wife with a tattoo was left with nothing but regret when he noticed his huge blunder.

In a video shared by TikTok user @murphyandmay, his wife, Ashley Carlevato, shared that the couple had made plans to commemorate their milestone with joint tattoos of their choosing.

Whereas the wife set her sights on a sweet tattoo of her husband’s initials on her wedding finger, her husband went for a bit more of a bolder choice: their wedding date in Roman numerals.

Definitely a more ambitious option, that proved to be the wrong choice. Or at least, it wasn’t properly translated because he was left with some permanent ink that showcased a very wrong date.


I knew I should have googled it for him 😭 #murphyandmay #tattoofail #husbandfail #fyp #foryoupage #husbandsoftiktok #husbandcheck #firstanniversary

While their wedding date is January 1st 2019, and her husband was supposed to get the date 1.1.19 on his arm, it turns out he accidentally got 11,919 instead.

Carlevato simply captioned her post, “I should have Googled it for him!”

The epic fail appears not to be as rare as it seems because in the comments some people admitted their own misdoings with permanent ink.

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“My husband was supposed to get our wedding date tattooed (2, 23, 19), turned out he actually got 2, 33, 19,” wrote one person.

Another TikTok user said, “I got my daughter’s birth date in Roman numerals and I checked a million times before to make sure it was correct.”

Others warned the couple to not get matching tattoos at all.

“You never, ever do that in a relationship,” wrote one person.

Another said, “Don’t ever get matching tattoos with your significant other. It jinxes the relationship. I know too many who have matching and are either no longer together or they argue and fight all the time.”

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