Police call for calm following 'sighting of mythical bat creature' in Philippines

Police call for calm following 'sighting of mythical bat creature' in Philippines
Manananggal: The Flying, Disembodied, Blood Sucking Nightmare | Monstrum

Police in Talisay City, Philippines have urged locals to remain calm and stop spreading misinformation following reports of a sighting of a mythical creature called Manananggal.

Residents in Sitio Mangga, Barangay Dumlog claimed that they have seen the creature numerous times this month. The creature, which is from Filippino folklore is described as looking like a bat and a witch. It can also detach the top and bottom half of its body.

The myth adds that the creature is able to grow wings and often look for pregnant women and their unborn children when hunting for food. Spreading ash or salt on the creature's lower half can cause its death. It is also vulnerable to light, hence it hunting at night.

Of course, there is no proof that Manananggal exists but this hasn't stopped people in Talisay City from claiming that they have seen the creature causing the police to step in.

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Police Lieutenant Colonel Randy Caballes, chief of the Talisay City Police Station urged the public to not spread any misinformation or cause any panic as there is no proof that the creature had been spotted.

According to CDN, fears were sparked when two young girls claimed to have seen the creature when they were visiting a neighbour's house and saw the creature on a roof causing them to start shouting and crying.

Two neighbours were questioned but neither claimed to have seen anything. Caballes added: "Your police force is doing its best efforts to shed light on this event. Like you, we are also hoping to find the answers to our questions."

News of the sighting has since made its way to TikTok where people can't quite believe that this is the latest addition to an already bizarre news cycle in 2023.


Good lord #mythicalcreatures #ufo2023

Can 2023 just calm down now, please?

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