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It might be a bit cold in Britain at the moment but that doesn't mean that we should ignore the perils of UV rays.

Sunburn can affect anyone and everyone and even if it isn't particularly toasty outside wearing sunscreen offers invaluable protection.

Cade Huckabay from Texas learned a lesson when he shaved his head and went outside in the blazing heat.

Unfortunately for Cade, he forgot to apply any sunscreen to his scalp and forehead and the swelling from the inflammation became so bad he could actually make a dent in it.

He shared the evidence on Twitter and quickly went viral.

It transpired that the 21-year-old wasn't alone in experiencing this misfortune.

Other Twitter users began replying to him with their sunburn issues, which Cade then retweeted.

It now appears that Cade's head has cleared up nicely and is back to normal.

While we shouldn't ignore the obvious problems with prolonged and unprotected exposure to the sun Cade has managed to laugh it off.

Speaking to Mashablehe said:

I personally thought the sunburn was hilarious. 

I mean it isn't often you can put a dent in your head like that.

I’m glad we can all laugh at my pain together.

Some people are making me laugh harder than ever before with the comparisons and jokes they’re making.

You gotta be able to laugh at yourself, ya know?

Speaking to Indy100 Cade confirmed how his head got so badly burnt and how he managed to treat it.

To make a long story short, I shaved my head (which I had never done before) and proceeded to mow a field for quite a few hours.

The next day, my head slowly swelled to the point that it looked pregnant. All I really used to treat it was ice and Advil.

Pretty uneventful story that led to a hilarious picture.

While it is all fun and games for Cade, don't let this happen to you - always remember to apply sunscreen to all exposed skin.

You can read advice on sunburn from NHS Choices.

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