The extremely offensive stereotype map of Europe 'according to Turkey'


In Europe, a nation is besieged by perpetual referendums, vicious nationalism, and a leader with their mind set on greater power.

No this, isn't Scotland, it's Turkey!

Turkey is holding a referendum to give President Recep Erdoğan greater powers as President, a role which has until now been ceremonial.

In April, Erdogan and his Justice and Development Party hope to pass 18 amendments to the Turkish constitution, such abolishing parliamentary scrutiny of the executive, and making the president both head of government and head of state.

Erdoğan has been stoking politics further, when on Sunday he accused Germany's Chancellor Angela Merkel of using 'Nazi' methods.

When we call them Nazis, they (Europe) get uncomfortable.

They rally together in solidarity.

Especially Merkel,

The comment came after two federal authorities in German withdrew permission for a pro- Erdoğan rally to be held in German cities.

Turkish people living overseas will be eligible to vote in the referendum.

Erdoğan has also accused the Netherlands for carring out 'Nazi practises', for similarly blocking a Turkish rally.

While the accusation stings particularly badly in occupied countries, one political party had decided to make light of Erdoğan's heightened rhetoric.

Based on the vitriol of Turkey's dear president, the Liberal Democrat Party of Turkey, a minor member of the opposition, created this map of Europe:

A translation of the map was posted to reddit on Friday by user Ocsh.

Picture: Picture: @liberaLDP/Twitter/reddit

It includes such amusing epithets as Spain: 'Soccer Nazis' and Great Britain 'Tea Drinking Nazis'.

The referendum on Erdoğan's power is due to be held on 16 April 2017.

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