Bad omen? Lights at Mar-a-Lago turn off while GOP congressmen on air

Bad omen? Lights at Mar-a-Lago turn off while GOP congressmen on air
Fox News guest accidentally calls Trump 'president fraud'

Could be faulty lighting or could be a bad omen.

Florida congressmen Matt Gaetz (R-FL) and Brian Mast (R-FL) were left in the dark while speaking with Fox News host Laura Ingraham Tuesday night.

The two congressmen were speaking live from Mar-a-Lago following Donald Trump’s rally post-arraignment.

As Ingraham was asking the two men about Trump’s future presidential campaign, their faces were suddenly cast in a dark shadow as the lights turned off.

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“Oh, you’re going dark there,” Ingraham said. “They’re turning the lights out on you there.”

Gaetz, chuckling, responded, “Not the first time they’ve turned the lights out on me at Mar-a-Lago.”

After the three exchanged a quick laugh, the lights were turned on again and cameras adjusted to the lighting change.

Despite the humorous moment, the three remained on-topic and continued to criticise the charges that Trump was indicted on this past week.

Gaetz downplayed the severity of the 34 business fraud charges the former president is now facing, calling the indictment a “misdemeanor in drag at best.” He theorised that US citizens likely felt the media attention Trump received was insulting compared to everyday problems like inflation.

But the Florida congressmen encouraged Trump to move forward positively and use the new frenzy to turn the US around and campaign himself to make America better.

Ingraham agreed, saying Trump should focus his campaign on the everyday issues affecting citizens like gas prices.

The commentary echos much of what other Republican politicians and personalities have said about the Trump indictment.

Many who have come to the former president’s defense believe the Manhattan DA’s investigation was unprompted and unnecessary. Trump himself has called it a “witch hunt” leading allies like Majorie Taylor Greene to accuse the Manhattan DA of targeting Trump.

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