Thor: Love and Thunder beats Ragnarok at the box office

With the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU)’s newest release Thor: Love and Thunder riveting fans in cinemas, some have called for a “trigger warning” to be applied to one particular scene.

The “graphic” scene involves one of the film’s main characters and has seen a section of fans calling MCU “atrocious” for not pre-warning fans, but others have suggested their requests are “stupid”.

Spoilers below

The critical scene in the fourth Thor film to hit cinemas played out the moment that Natalie Portman’s character, the scientist Jane Foster, received the dreadful news that she had stage four cancer. The news came before she put on a superhero suit and became Thor.

Another point in the film showed Foster undergoing chemotherapy treatment for the disease, and some fans have called for this moment to be issued with a trigger warning.

On Twitter, one fan wrote: “No spoilers, but Thor: Love and Thunder SHOULD have had a trigger warning for graphic depiction of cancer and the fact that we didn't know going in is atrocious.”

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Another user agreed, writing: “We've recently lost our mum to cancer and my two sisters went and saw it and were in the toilets crying. There needs to be a warning.”

But many other fans disagreed and suggested that the fan become more mentally strong, or read the comic where the plot is revealed.

Someone replied: “as someone who lost their dad to cancer this is the stupidest fucking thing I’ve ever read.”

TV host Amanda Salas, wrote: “I kind of disagree with this only because the actual comic itself had the storyline, so *if* you read the comic or were aware of the comic you would have known already.

“BUT….I can see how it would trigger someone who didn’t know. Absolutely.”

Another commented: “How do you live? For real. How do you function in society if a sad story of an illness ‘triggers’ you?”

“honestly if you need a trigger warning for everything and can't separate reality from fantasy you probably need some form of therapist,” someone else wrote.

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