Store's display of 'school shooting sympathy cards' leaves customers gasping

Store's display of 'school shooting sympathy cards' leaves customers gasping
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Customers have been left stunned after seeing a display of 'school shooting sympathy cards' at a store.

The video, which was originally uploaded in 2018 by the mass shooting awareness organisation Change The Ref, was recently reshared on their TikTok.

It highlighted a campaign that brought attention to the mass shootings.

In the video, many people can be seen walking into the store and stumbling across the display of cards, all with looks of curiosity and shock as to what they were seeing.

"Mass sympathy cards. Coming soon. If we do nothing," the video caption read.

"Wow," said one woman who was pushing a stroller.

A woman who appeared at the beginning of the video could be seen bringing her other friend back to the display.

"Oh my God," the woman said.

The video then cut cards for "graduation," "congratulations," "friendship," and "thank you."

However, it zoomed in on the school sympathy cards that are in a section of its own called "school shooting."

The cards were black in color all around except for the large, white words printed across them. The words that can be seen are "ARMS," "SYMPATHY," "SHOOTING," "GUNNED," and I'M SORRY."

The card with the "I'M SORRY" text written across it also had a small phrase at the top that read: "I'm sorry your kid got shot at school today."

Someone else picked up the "SYMPATHY" card, which was similarly written to the other card.

"Sympathy on the shooting of your classmates," the phrase read.

Other cards read "I'm sorry your kid was gunned down," "Condolences on the shooting of your teacher," and "Sorry for your terrifying loss."


Mass sympathy cards. Coming soon. If we do nothing. #ChangeTheRef

People took to both the comments section of the video and Twitter to share their thoughts, as they deemed it "powerful," "emotional," and "impactful."

"This needs to be a commercial," one wrote on TikTok.

"That's genius. I hope it will wake up some people," another added.

A third wrote: "These need to be in every store across America, now."

People on Twitter had the same sentiments about the video, with one writing:"This is a very powerful way to use urban art."

Change The Ref (CTR) is an organisation that was founded by Manuel and Patricia Oliver, whose son Joaquin was one of the 17 victims in the February 2018 MSD High School in Parkland, Florida shooting.

As stated in their Twitter bio, the organisation "uses urban art as creative confrontation to expose mass shooting disastrous effects in America."

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