The Daily Wire host Matt Walsh says he thinks 'all anime is …

Conservative political commentator and columnist for The Daily Wire Matt Walsh shared yet another hot/terrible take, this time involving adult cartoons and anime.

Walsh, 36, has sparked controversy online for sharing anti-transgender theories and ideas by writing an anti-transgender children's book among other things.

As a columnist for The Daily Wire, he often writes about traditional conservatism and criticizes "woke media".

Apparently, these values translate to an anti-anime and adult cartoons mentality.

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While answering questions from viewers in a video, Walsh shared his opinion on young people who choose to watch anime, a form of animation originally from Japan

"I think it's all Satanic," Walsh said. "I have no argument for it, I have no argument for why it's Satanic it just seems that way to me."

He went on to call it "bizarre" and "creepy" but added that he felt similarly about all adult cartoon shows.

"Whether it's anime or any other kind of cartoon, with rare exception, adults really shouldn't be watching cartoons, in general," he said.

The video of Walsh sharing his opinion of anime and adult cartoons circulated around Twitter where people disagreed with him.

Anime lovers pushed back against Walsh's hot take while others mocked Walsh's opinion by using his argument against him.

The Church of Satan responded to Walsh's claim of "Satanism" by tweeting, "Fairly safe to assume this guy has no idea what Satanism even is."

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