Recording sounds like Matt Walsh 'advocating for teen pregnancy'

Recording sounds like Matt Walsh 'advocating for teen pregnancy'
US conservative Matt Walsh claims that he would 'rather have kids in …
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An unearthed voice recording appears to show American right-wing political commentator Matt Walsh advocating for girls as young as 16 years old getting married and becoming pregnant.

The disturbing clip was shared by Twitter user @theserfstv and purports to show Walsh claiming that teenage pregnancy isn’t a problem in society, but unwed pregnancy is. It has not been verified as Walsh.

The man also appeared to advocate for the impregnation of teenage girls because it is “technically when they're at their most fertile” and that it’s only recently that society deemed that being teenaged is “too young to start a family”.

In the clip, the man said: “To all of a sudden act like this phenomenon of girls getting pregnant at a young age, to be considered young – 16 or 17 – to act like it’s a new thing is ridiculous. It’s always been that way.”

He continued: “Girls between the ages of like 17 and 24 is when they’re technically most fertile. That’s biological, that’s a fact alright, I’m just stating facts, that’s all I’m doing.”

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The man in the clip then suggested that teenage pregnancy itself is not a bad thing, but unwed pregnancy is.

“What I’m saying is that the problem is not per se teenage pregnancy, it’s unwed pregnancy – that’s the problem in society.

“It’s only problematic when you are not married and you don’t have the man there to help you take care of the kids because he’s a coward.”

The clip on Twitter has been viewed more than 300,000 times and people certainly had their own thoughts on his views.

One horrified Twitter user wrote: “Matt Walsh wants 16 year old girls to pop out babies instead of normal teen aged things like graduating high school.

“Conservatives want women to be uneducated second class citizens.”

Another questioned: “What is the far right male obsession with impregnating minor girls?”

Someone else said: “imagine my shock when the guy who is really invested in what 16 y/os are allowed to do with their own bodies wants a 16 y/o bride.”

indy100 has contacted Matt Walsh for comment.

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