Moment a million-dollar McLaren sports car was washed away by Florida floodwater

Moment a million-dollar McLaren sports car was washed away by Florida floodwater
Hurricane Ian in Naples, Forida, USA

The moment a newly purchased $1m McLaren P1 was swept down the street in Naples by flood waters was caught on camera, as the Category 4 Hurricane Ian blasted through Florida.

A luxury car enthusiast named Ernie took to his Instagram to post a series of images showing his bright yellow vehicle being swept up in his flooded Naples neighborhood.

"Car went thru the garage," he captioned one post.

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An earlier post shows the hybrid, plug-in sports car with winged doors open and items stored in the small cargo space under the hood.

"My hurricane supply car," Ernie wrote.

A third image shows the McLaren submerged in the water with a bunch of household supplies around it before it went through the garage.

"This was the picture before the P1 went thru the garage and The Rolls-Royce.

"That's water that you see," he captioned the post.

Thousands of people commented on the images of the submerged car, many of which expressed concern.

One person wrote: "I'm so sorry, that's heartbreaking."

"That's incredibly devastating. Come back stronger [ than] ever, brother!" another added, while a third wrote: "Damn man. Hate to see this shit. Hope y'all are safe."

Someone else added: "Even tho it's just a car, I'm very sorry you have to go through this because that's hard work and dedication right there."

Ernie had also posted videos to Instagram Stories that showed how the upscale neighbourhood was devastated, including flooded vehicles.

McLaren's website states that the surface of the P1 is "designed to work, every part given the same aerodynamic consideration as if it was part of an aircraft or a Formula 1™ car."

The twin-turbo V8 engine in the car produces its top speed of 217 mph on land.

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