Vegan mountaineer paints meat-free slogans on Ben Nevis rocks

Vegans in Scotland angered over 'ignorant' butcher's sign
Edinburgh Live

A vegan activist has caused quite a stir after leaving meat-free messages on rocks across Scotland's highest mountains.

The mountaineer (@f******g_hostile_vegan_sausage), who goes by the initials 'RM' took to his Instagram page with photos of his controversial work.

His vibrant hand-drawn rocks read messages such as "MEAT: Murder, Evil, Agony, Torture", "I’ll kill them all unless they’re vegan" and "Keep my animal friends out of your f***ing mouth".

Campaign groups have frowned upon his not-so-subtle statements, with Ramblers Scotland and Mountaineering Scotland urging him to follow the "leave no trace" policy.

Stuart Younie, chief executive of Mountaineering Scotland said: "We have seen an increased pressure on the outdoors and particularly the Munros over the last couple of years and many new people out enjoying the benefits of hillwalking, but our message is that it’s not okay to leave painted rocks or anything else behind."

It's not just campaigners who have been left disgruntled. One walker discovered a rock with "be kind to animals or I’ll kill you" (a quote from the Keanu Reeves film John Wick) sketched onto it.

She said: ‘Whatever your beliefs, leaving them painted on a cairn on a remote Munro top is nothing more than an act of vandalism.

"Please respect the environment and leave it unspoilt for all who use it. I buried the offending rock under a lot of others, hopefully never to be seen again."

Another added: "It seems to be a new trend to graffiti on the hills. No better than taking a s*** on a summit in my opinion."

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In response, RM suggested it's not the painted rock that's offending them, it's the message.

He said: "It’s obvious that it’s the message that offends them, not the paint on the small rock.

"So, what I’m saying is, let’s maybe not make a big deal out of little rocks in the mountains.

"On my hikes I’m finding other painted rocks. With flags, usually Scottish, with expressions of love, mental health support, advertising things, some were painted to resemble a ladybug or a frog.

"I have never removed any of these. If anything, I’m putting them back on top of the cairn.'‘Shame on these people who remove them although I suspect they only remove mine."

He added that he and his wife have been called "criminals" who should be reported to the police.

"I’ll happily discuss my vandalism and hurting some animal abusers’ feelings," he said, inviting Scotland Police for a conversation.

"You don’t like messages on these rocks? Messages that basically say 'be kind', 'do not harm', 'do not kill'? That offends you? You know why? Because you’re hypocritical."

He later thanked the people of Instagram "from the bottom of [his] heart" for their love and support.

"The amount of comments left me in awe and deeply moved. It was completely unexpected and I could barely keep up with replying.

"I hope I haven’t omitted anyone, I’m very sorry if I have. You’re absolutely fantastic, I love you all and I am extremely honoured to be part of this wonderful community."

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