Meet the man who says he's allergic to Nigel Farage

Few people are as sick of Nigel Farage as Richard Howarth (pictured, above), who has claimed he is allergic to the Ukip leader.

Howarth, 35, insists he becomes physically sick as soon as he sees Farage on TV.

The run-up to the general election has been a terrible time for him due to Farage's regular TV appearances.

He said:

It’s almost like an allergy. The symptoms are similar. When I see him on telly, I sweat a lot and become anxious. I end up switching over because he just infuriates me. I’m obviously allergic to Nigel Farage. At the start, I did listen to his points but in the end I couldn’t. It was not good for my health. Seeing him made me weak – I had to lie down. I can’t watch him anymore. I don’t want to feel ill and anxious.

Howarth’s wife Catherine, 32, also said:

He gets anxious and irritable and his hands shake. When he does turn over his symptoms continue for a while.

All we can say to Richard is that there are only 15 days left until the general election, after which Farage will, maybe, be off our screens for a bit. Unless he's elected as an MP, in which case it's only really the beginning...

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