Meet the world's most nonchalant shark attack victim

Meet the world's most nonchalant shark attack victim

After being attacked by a shark, teenager Cameron Pearman casually rode his bike home and made raisin toast before going to the hospital.

The 13-year-old had been surfing off Port Bouvard beach in Western Australia with his cousin when he was bitten on the right knee and ankle by what he said was a 6ft grey shark.

It had a massive head on it. It hit me from behind as I was sitting on my board and I only saw it for a second.

I didn’t know how bad it was but it was a big relief to get to the beach and a big relief to see I still had my leg.

Cameron's cousin performed first aid on the puncture wounds on his leg before he went back to his home in nearby Mandurah.

I was pretty hungry. I needed some raisin toast.

After arriving home, his father Tim didn't believe he'd been bitten by a shark until he saw the evidence.

Dad didn't believe me for a bit but I showed him the cuts and then he believed me. Mum was a bit crazy.

I had something to eat then went to hospital to get the cuts cleaned and patched up.

The beach was closed by the authorities and a search had been mounted for the shark, although Cameron said it was just "an accident, not a proper attack".

9News reported that the most upsetting thing about the experience for Cameron was the damage caused to his wetsuit.

"I'm hoping to get a surf in tomorrow," he said.

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