'Insane' spy theory shows how far Meghan Markle hate has gone

'Insane' spy theory shows how far Meghan Markle hate has gone
Prince William extends arm to Meghan Markle before meeting with mourners in ...

Those in the anti-Meghan Markle camp have come up with a new and bizarre conspiracy theory - that she wore a wire while meeting members of the public at a memorial for the Queen in Windsor.

Since Prince Harry and his wife left their official duties as members of the Royal Family and moved to America, some have repeatedly, and often unfairly, criticised Markle.

They have claimed that Markle is the reason Prince Harry left the royal family, have previously suggested that her baby bump was fake and Archie was born from a surrogate, and that the Duke and Duchess of Sussex used bot Instagram followers to try and beat the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge's follower count.

Now, a new and even wilder conspiracy has emerged that Markle was wired up with a listening device.

One tweet showed Markle on Saturday as she and Prince Harry, along with Prince William and Princess Kate greeted crowds at Windsor.

In a picture widely tweeted, a square-shaped crease could be seen on Markle’s black dress, leading some people who dislike Markle to believe she was hiding a recording device. Some thought it may be recording for a Netflix show, linked to the couple's deal with the streaming site.

Meanwhile others went spectacularly left field by suggesting it somehow showed Markle is a spy.

One person wrote: “This! She is a spy ! #MeghanMarkle.”

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A source close to Markle told Page Six: “This is insane and actually damaging to her. Of course she was not wearing a mic."

In the Twitter comments, other wild conspiracists debated what the crease on the front of her dress could be.

One person asked: “Is that a recording device ? Wouldn’t surprise me if it was.”

Another speculated: “The shoulder stain looks like it came from someone's hugging her. The waist outline sure looks like a mic pack. Shame on her. Can they not wand her to look for metal?”

But, others posted actual evidence in the form of other photos from the day showing no such outline on her dress.

Someone wrote: “Hmmm… is that Fake news, Andie? Can’t see any of that in this photo or others floating around news sites.”

Another said: “This must be Photoshopped. In this random pic pulled from Google that day, there is no such object.”

The tweet was retweeted by royal biographer Angela Levin, who has made no secret of her dislike of Markle.

indy100 has contacted Meghan Markle's representatives for comment.

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