Men try period cramp simulator in viral TikTok – and they can’t handle it

Men try period cramp simulator in viral TikTok – and they can’t handle it

A viral clip made the rounds on TikTok after a group of friends wanted to show men the realities of period cramps through a simulator device.

Similar to the labour pain simulator, TikTok user, @benztraphouse, opted for a physical experiment to showcase the answer to a question men will never fully comprehend: What does it feel like to have a period?

The entire group took turns trying out the gadget, with the female friends experiencing no issues, “It’s not even as bad as a cramp,” one is heard saying. “Yeah my cramps hurt worse,” another added.

Then it came to the men’s turn – and it’s safe to say the pain factor caught them off guard.

Outraged by the intensity, one man questioned, “Is it supposed to hurt like that?”

While another crouched down in disbelief and exclaimed: “Why?!”

Another added, “6?! I thought it was at a 9!!”


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The TikTok has since garnered a lot of attention, with over 2.4 million views, and has been inundated with responses from fellow users.

“The poor guy in the pink hoodie didn’t know where to grab for comfort, man’s looking like he was fighting for his life,” one joked, while another humoured, “’You feel that in your back, boy?’ Every month, friend. Every month.”

“When he said ‘it’s stabbing me, what do I do?’ You go to work, clean the house and continue on bb,” one said.

“They better be rubbing your backs and bringing you chocolate on your next period,” another added.

While others highlighted the educational value of the device. “Please, this needs to be added to every high school health class – cause some guys really don’t understand the pain,” one wrote.

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