Mike Parry was the first ever customer at a Moscow McDonald's and has the badge to prove it

First McDonald's in Russia opens in 1990

Radio presenter Mike Parry has revealed the most unexpected of stories, after telling his followers he was the first ever customer at a Moscow McDonald's.

It comes after the fast-food giant temporarily closed all 847 restaurants in the country in a "hugely symbolic" move.

It’s a big development, especially as it was one of the first Western restaurants to open in Russia back in January 1990, during the final months of the Soviet Union.

In the strangest of developments, it turns out Mike was the first ever customer at a Moscow branch of the chain – and he even has the badge to prove it.

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Parry will be familiar to listeners of TalkSport, as well as people who watched his hilarious attempt at the Cinnamon Challenge a few years back.

“OK FOLKS .. I see that McDonald's are closing down their 850 outlets in Russia,” he wrote on social media.

“I was the very first customer in the first McDonald's ever to open in the USSR in Pushkin Square Moscow in 1990 and was given this badge to commemorate the event.”

And what did he order at the time?

“I had a quarter pounder with cheese,” he said.

You might also remember Parry for his infamously bad cinnamon challenge video from a few years ago which brought him viral fame.

Mike Parry on his cinnamon challenge fame!

It comes after McDonald's president and CEO Chris Kempckinski announced McDonald's would be closing almost 1,000 restaurants in an open letter.

"We understand the impact this will have on our Russian colleagues and partners, which is why we are prepared to support all three legs of the stool in Ukraine and Russia," he penned.

"Our values mean we cannot ignore the needless human suffering unfolding in Ukraine."

Kempckinski added that McDonald's would continue to pay employees' wages.

Parry wasn’t the only person to share experiences about visiting the chain in the early 90s either.

BBC's Moscow correspondent, Steve Rosenberg, turned to Twitter to comment on the "symbolic" decision.

He wrote: "In 1990, I was in the queue when McDonald's opened its 1st restaurant in Moscow: when iron curtains were crumbling & Russia was embracing the West. Today McDonald's announced it is temporarily closing its 850 restaurants in Russia. Hugely symbolic."

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