Parody video shows Mike Pence ‘couch surfing’ now he’s been voted out of office

Mike Pence hablando en Georgia
Mike Pence hablando en Georgia
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Mike Pence, after spending four years in the publicly funded vice presidential housing, is now looking for somewhere new to live.

The former vice president  has lived in public housing since 2013, first the Indiana governor's mansion and then the VP residence at the Naval Observatory. In fact, he and his wife, former second lady Karen Pence, are currently "homeless," not having owned a house in years, and "couch-surfing" back in their home state of Indiana, Business Insider reported on Wednesday.

The Pences are reportedly staying either at a cabin used by Indiana Governor Eric Holcomb, staying with family, or moving frequently to evade Trump supporters. But Stephen Colbert's Late Show imagined Pence actually couch-surfing on Wednesday night, and the ‘hilarious’ parody shows the search not going too well for him.

The Colbert video starts as a normal news report, explaining the news reported by Business Insider. It quickly shifts gears, with a voiceover that says: “Meanwhile, somewhere in Indiana”. A doorbell rings and someone looking surprised answers the door.

“Good evening, it’s an honor to speak with you tonight,” says a recording of Mike Pence’s vice presidential-voice.

“What brings you to this neighbourhood?”

“We’re going to stay with you,” says Mike Pence – taken from a small section of one of his speeches.

“Just you?” the man at the door asks in disbelief. Pence responds, “in addition, my wife and kids.”

This continues for a while until the man begrudgingly agrees to let Pence’s entire family stay on his one couch, but not before asking his better half.

“Jim?” he calls out, and Pence runs away – making reference to Pence’s blatant homophobia.

“I haven’t laughed this hard in a while,” one person wrote of the parody. joked, “if anyone has a spare room for the Pence family, please get in touch.”

Homelessness is a very real (and very unfunny) problem, and with the pandemic hurting businesses it’s a sad reality that housing is  a luxury some can’t afford. Although Pence, who’s net worth is reportedly $1 million, can certainly find somewhere to go.

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