Beauty pageant winner claims title wearing raw meat in protest to being objectified

Beauty pageant winner claims title wearing raw meat in protest to being objectified
Jam Press/CO Press Office

The winner of Miss BumBum 2023 has left fans shocked after turning up to claim her title dressed in an outfit made of raw meat to protest her being “seen as a piece of meat”.

Contestant, Lari Sumpani, 24, was crowned in the first place, with Sabrina Rabanne, the runner-up, and Rafaela Dias taking third place.

The final presentation of the beauty pageant took place on 18 August in São Paulo, Brazil.

Things took a turn towards the end of the show, as Lari Sumpani, who has 265,000 followers on Instagram (@eusumpani), decided to draw attention to an issue close to her heart – the objectification of women.

"I'm only seen as a piece of meat, but contrary to what many people think, I have content,” she told

In a photo, Lari, who has previously hit the headlines for discussing her ‘sex diet’ fitness routine, can be seen wearing a small, bikini-like top and short skirt.

Jam Press/CO Press Office

The thin slices of red, fatty meat appear to be stitched together, as they hang down the model’s body.

Lari also shared a video of the unusual co-ords, which has over 70,000 views online.

The look is somewhat reminiscent of the memorable outfit Lady Gaga once wore to the MTV Awards in 2010.

MissBumBum viewers have been left divided, with some fans reportedly calling the move inappropriate, while others have praised the move.

“There was a steak for sure,” joked one fan.

“Congratulations Lari, well deserved. Success smp for you,” added someone else. [sic]

“Nothing but strength,” added another person.

Lari can also be seen posing with her fellow contestants who are donned up in glitzy dresses, as well as bikinis and lacy underwear.

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