A Playboy model got kicked out of a mall for what appeared to be a topless “no nut November” stunt - and people on Instagram found it thoroughly entertaining.

Francia James, who goes by @francety, posted a video of herself captioned “How many times did you fail this November 0-100?” and appeared to be partially topless.

She was adorned with red gold and navy blue body paint adorned with colorful jewels that made her look like a suited Christmas nutcracker with a hat to match and a gold cane.

“It’s not nut November. Would you like a nut?” James said as she offered literally nuts to men, who gladly took one.

After offering nuts to men who walked by, a mall security guard appeared to show up and asked the videographer and her to leave the premises.

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“I can’t believe I got kicked out,” James quipped as she proceeded to leave.

James, who has 9.2 million followers on the platform captioned her video “How many times did you fail this November 0-100?” had people cracking up and making jokes of their own in the comments.

“So many I can’t even count,” someone wrote while another added: ”So far I’ve failed 26 times this November was not the one, not this year.”

A third poked fun at the security guard and said: “Wanna bet that the security guard failed... he just tryna hide it.”

Someone else appreciated James’ video concept and wrote, “This is actually a great concept ... Don’t know who thought of this one. But I dig it. Super funny.”

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