A mom of ten has shared what her grocery list — and grocery bill — looks like every week.

New York parents Alicia and Josh Dougherty regularly share mealtime and grocery haul videos with their 2.2 million followers on TikTok.

In a recent grocery video, Alicia showed a huge haul worth an eye-water $1,143 (£835) that will last the brood a little under a week.

In the video, she said she bought 25 bananas, 191 bags of chips, 14 pounds of cheese, 12 and a half pounds of chicken, and six pounds of pasta. She also bought supplies for her sons’ football party.


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Commenting on the video, one TikToker wrote: “How do ya’ll afford this? I would literally go bankrupt. Good job mama!”

Another wrote: “These would also last just one week in my family of four because we EAT.”

Another TikTok user asked if people thought she was stockpiling at the beginning of the pandemic. Alicia replied: “Oh yes. I got a lot of nasty comments and eye rolls and mean looks.”

One user suggested she try extreme couponing, but another commenter made the fair point that as a mom of ten, she probably doesn’t have time for that.


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In another video, she talked through the family’s meal plan as she filled three trolleys with fruit and veg, canned food, candy, bread, eggs, dairy and meat products.

Showing what she does with the groceries, Alicia also shares supersized ‘what I eat in a day’ videos.

In a video from two weeks ago, she showed how for breakfast she cooked up 31 pancakes, three dozen eggs, two pounds of bacon, and two pounds of strawberries.

For lunch, she packed ten slices of leftover pizza, ten yoghurts, ten apples, ten bags of chips, and ten Capri Suns. She also made an after-school snack made of chips, candy, deli meat, and strawberries.

For dinner, she made 15 pounds of pulled pork, a tossed salad, 16 buns, rice cakes, and six pounds of oranges. For a post-dinner treat, she serves up a dozen peanut butter and jelly sandwiches.

And it all looks delish!

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