YouTuber Mondi wrecks rare $1.4m McLaren after performing stunts

YouTuber Mondi wrecks rare $1.4m McLaren after performing stunts
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YouTuber Mondi, whose real name is Edmond Barseghian, crashed a rare McLaren worth $1.4m in a viral video.

It shows him performing stunts in front of a crowd before then crashing his McLaren Senna, of which there are only 500 in existence and his was the only one of its kind at all, into a building.

The crash was shared across social media which shows footage of Mondi performing donuts before then careering off the road and into a car dealership.

Mondi confirmed it was him behind the wheel in an Instagram post.

from mclaren

He said: "I guess we went viral yesterday for all the wrong reasons, that building must've really wanted a collab.

"I'm only human, so yes, this one stings. I loved that car but I will overcome. The one thing I’m most upset about is that it happened on a public road.

"Especially considering I had picked it up the night before from Racewerkz with upgraded brakes, suspension, wheels, and slicks.

"We were going to Buttonwillow Raceway this Thursday for a shakedown before getting ready for a four-day track event at COTA (Circuit of the Americas in Austin, Texas).

"I'm really sad I'll miss that event because it was the one thing I was looking forward to all month long.

"I won't get into what went wrong, maybe another day, for now it'll just come off as an excuse but they say everything happens for a reason so I'm glad it went wrong at 40mph as opposed to 150+ at the track.

"For those of you who want your 10 seconds of dopamine, feel free to haze me in the comments, I deserve it. I own it, lesson learned, but I will rise above. Stay safe."

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