This is the most beautiful McDonald’s in America

This is the most beautiful McDonald’s in America

Many of us are familiar with the popular fast-food chain McDonald’s. It is one of the quintessential destinations to grab a quick, tasty bite when you don’t know what else to eat or when you’ve had a long night on the town visiting local bars.

And if you live in almost any major city, there is a Mickey D’s on almost every corner.

With the original McDonald’s emerging in San Bernardino, California, there are now roughly 13,000 McDonald’s locations across the US. Still, if we’re going to be completely transparent, many of them aren’t the pinnacle of architectural prowess in appearance.

Of course, some of the newer restaurants in important locations have high-tech design elements, modern features, and unique interior design, but a typical outlet features brick walls, red roofs, box shapes, and of course, the occasional Ronald McDonald statue.

However, a McDonald’s location that has been deemed the most beautiful in America countless times is on Long Island, New York.

The McDonald’s, located in the historic Joseph Denton House in New Hyde Park, still has a lot of the quirks and charms that it did in the centuries-long history of the building it occupies.

This Long Island McDonald’s was opened by the company in the ‘80s. The chain bought the building intending to dismantle it.

But the tight-knit community was opposed to the decision, which prompted McDonald’s to change their course and restore the building instead.

According to Scouting New York, the massive white mansion was initially constructed in 1795 as a farmhouse, but an 1860 reconstruction modified the original residence to the Georgian style.

It still has many brick chimneys, shutter-lined windows, and tapered Doric columns, but it also has a drive-thru tucked around the back. Despite its outer look, it is a fully working, modern McDonald’s restaurant with self-order digital kiosks and a large dining room on the inside.

Similarly, some other McDonald’s locations have nostalgic decor and iconic golden arches that pay homage to the past.

In Green Bay, Wisconsin, one location also has an original McDonald’s sign with Speedee, the original mascot before Ronald McDonald.

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