Mother defends herself after being accused of throwing 'Satanic birthday party' for her daughter

Mother defends herself after being accused of throwing 'Satanic birthday party' for her daughter
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A mother has found herself at the centre of a social media storm after being accused of holding a ‘satanic’ birthday party for her one-year-old daughter – which she denies.

The TikTok posted by Mexican mother Janeth Zapatha went viral and racked up more than two million views, sparking a big reaction from users.

The party took place in July and seemed to feature black decorations which alluded to the occult.

One of them was the piñata that resembled Baphomet – the goat-headed immortal being sometimes associated with esoteric rituals.

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The birthday cake also featured a pentagram made of icing, while a picture showed the invite describing the theme as 'cute as Hell’.


y la mejor fiesta 😜🥰 Lilith 💁🏽‍♀️ #bebe #Lilith #tiktok #foryou #parati #trending

The baby’s name is Lilith, and others also pointed out that she shares her name with the demonic female figure from Jewish folklore – which theistic Satanists consider as a goddess.

The clip features the Adele song Rumour Has It. It featured the caption: “Rumors say I had the best outfit for my first birthday.”

After receiving messages from TikTok users, the mother hit back by taking to the comments section.

“I see there are many news sites that put out my daughter's party with lies. One. We're not Satanists. Two. There were guests. Three.

“The party didn't have anything Satanic. Four. The piñata isn't Satan, nor the Devil, it's Baphomet. Five. The pentagram isn't inverted because it's not Satanic.”

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