We all know that Brexit is a big old mess, but you know it's gotten bad when relics from the 90s are dug up to give their opinion on the subject.

Just last week, BBC political correspondent Chris Mason gave his honest assessment of Brexit, which wasn't exactly encouraging as he said that 'you might as well ask Mr Blobby'.

Well, we hardly expected to see Blobby give his opinions on Theresa May's heavily scrutinised deal to leave the EU, but, alas, here he is on ITV's Loose Women discussing that very issue.

This isn't a joke or a piece of convincing Photoshop trickery, this is something that actually happened... in 2018. This is real. This is what life is like now.

Blobby, who is having something of a revival (once again this is real) thanks to his 'friend' Noel Edmonds participating in I'm A Celebrity, was literally asked the following question by panellist Jane Moore:

Do you think that if there's a no deal and we slash the 12,651 EU protectionist tariffs, will that result in a loss or a gain to the UK treasury?

Blobby, whose dialogue literally consists of just the word 'blobby', gave an answer that Moore translated as 'no'.

This was obviously just a bit of fun, but there was something weirdly dystopian about this segment. Almost as if we had already plunged out of the EU years ago and have been reduced to nostalgia acts who masquerade as political experts in an attempt to make the nation feel better about their impending doom.

To put it bluntly, it was bleak and Twitter really didn't know what to make of it.

Luckily, some people managed to keep a sense of humour about the situation.

Still, if Blobby is to move into politics he'll probably make more sense than most of the folks in parliament and he'll probably be better than Donald Trump.

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