MrBeast and Kai Cenat reveal truth behind controversial fireworks stunt

MrBeast and Kai Cenat reveal truth behind controversial fireworks stunt
Kai Cenat's room gets blown up with MrBeast... *Age-Restricted*

MrBeast and Kai Cenat appeared in a highly anticipated livestream together on July 3 which resulted in fireworks (quite literally).

The two content creators are both among the most popular on their respective platforms (YouTube for MrBeast and Twitch for Cenat) so many were excited to see MrBeast appear on Cenat's Twitch stream

But this excitement soon turned into concern when respective creator Davis inadvertently managed to set off a wall of over 100 fireworks.

As you can imagine this quickly set Cenat's 'room' alight while the 22-year-old took to X, formerly Twitter to declare that he is “done with all this s**t."

However, some viewers were suspicious that all was not what it seemed and believed signs were pointing to this not being Cenat's actual room but rather a set.

And they would be correct as MrBeast took to TikTok to reveal that it had all been a prank and shared some behind-the-scenes clips to demonstrate how they pulled it off.

Located in the “middle of a field” the fire viewers saw actually happened inside a “scale replica” of Cenat's streaming room which included the streamer's various decorations as well as his computer setup for his streams.

"We’re going to blow it up in front of hundreds of thousands," Cenat said in the video.

Then MrBeast - real name Jimmy Donaldson - further explained what the plan was as he said: “We recreated his room in a field so he can have a firework war and start launching stuff," and panned to show off the huge collection of fireworks.


Happy 4th of July😂

“And when it inevitably burns down, we’ll prank you guys.”

The 26-year-old bantered with Cenat, saying if the prank "backfired" and ended up being "a really bad prank" then Cenat would "[take] all responsibility," something which Cenat didn't seem entirely convinced with.

In the comments, people shared their thoughts on the elaborate prank.

One person said: "This is wild I thought it was for real at first."

"The [replica] room was too bright and clean," another person wrote.

Someone else added: "I knew it all along!"

"Definitely thought it was real haha," a fourth person commented.

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