MrBeast responds as T-Series issues call-to-action for YouTube subscribers

MrBeast responds as T-Series issues call-to-action for YouTube subscribers
MrBeast is offering $5 million to contestants in the “largest game show …
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T-Series, an Indian record label, is urging its viewers to 'unite' and subscribe to its channel to keep its status as YouTube's most subscribed as MrBeast inches ever closer to dethroning it.

At the time of writing, T-Series has 263.4m subscribers and MrBeast has just surpassed 252m.

There in an online tracker showing MrBeast closing the gap fairly quickly.

It's not the first time T-Series has had competition for the crown - in 2019 it launched a battle against PewDiePie who was closing in on its record.

That was a race to see which channel would be the first to hit 100m subscribers - and T-Series won.

Around six months ago, MrBeast hit the 200m mark and vowed to get revenge for PewDiePie.

MrBeast was reported as saying: "This is just the beginning. Now it’s time we rally and pass T-Series to avenge PewDiePie."

Now with around 11.4m subscribers separating the two, T-Series is taking action again having posted a video on April 15.


It starts with a message from founder Gulshan Kumar which said: "I want to put India and my people at the top of the international platform.

"Come, take my hand, let us work together to make my dream become your dream, may our dream become a reality."

It then shared a patriotic message urging its listeners to take action and subscribe to its channel.

MrBeast is aware of the counter-attack from T-Series and posted a reply on X / Twitter.

The reaction is quite subdued - he simply posted the eyes emoji in response.

But the race to be the most subscribed YouTube channel is heating up - and it remains to be seen if anyone can break the 300m mark.

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