Mum fumes after she is invited to wedding on condition she doesn't bring her children

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A woman has vented about how she has been invited to two weddings, on the condition she leaves the kids at home.

Taking to Mumsnet, the mum asked for second opinions over whether or not she’s right to be irritated.

She explained that the wording on the invites was what irked her the most.

The first invite read: “Unfortunately bearing in mind we have limited guest numbers we cannot accommodate everyone’s children however this is a golden opportunity for parents to enjoy a night of relaxation and uninhibited revelry!”

The second said: “Whilst we love your children please note this is an adult only occasion.”

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The first invitation was irritating as she said it won’t be relaxing at all. She wrote: “It’s quite inconvenient and expensive to not be able to bring the children and I’m more likely to be hand expressing in the toilets than dancing on a table.”

Although she said it’s the couple’s prerogative to decide whether or not to invite children, she wishes they would “just own it” instead of “dancing around it and pretending it’s a night off” for the parents.

Hilariously, the first invite apparently contained a “money poem”. And it goes like this:

Our life together has already begun,

We have almost everything under the sun.

If you should wish to buy us a gift,

A little extra money would give us a lift.

But most importantly, we request,

You share our day as our wedding guest.

Now that we’ve saved you any fuss,

We can’t wait for you to celebrate with us!”

Oh my.

One of the comments agrees with the woman, with the commenter writing: “I hate it when they try to pass it off as doing the guests a favour.”

Others suggested that although the brides and grooms, particularly in the first invite, appeared to want to put a “positive spin” on their wish for a childfree wedding, they can see how it can come across as “patronising”.

But one commenter pointed out the silver lining: “The thing with adult-only weddings is it gives you the perfect excuse not to go, so if it'll be a hassle then you can just decline.”

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