'Two-day-old baby birds get fed some fun food by mom '

A bird did a poo on a woman's baby and of course she wasn't pleased about it, but was it her neighbours fault?

Writing on Mumsnet, the woman seemed to think so and blamed her neighbours for "constantly throwing food out to birds" and said she was "fed up with it".

But if she was hoping to get the support of the mum community she was wrong as people told her that birds, being birds, poo.

"Birds s**t," said one blunt comment. "I am always feeding my garden birds. I’m sure they s**t on people but it’s not because I feed them. They s**t anyway because they are animals."

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Another said: "Nothing wrong with feeding the birds. Birds also s**t at random, it could have happened anywhere. Cover your kid up if you're worried, or don't leave your baby outside."

And a third said: "You can't exactly enforce a no fly zone over your baby, sorry. Is this in their garden, your garden or a communal space? Tbh as long as they aren't leaving a build up of food to encourage rats, I think you are being a bit unreasonable."

Still, we at least feel sorry for the tot.

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