Mum slammed for suggesting cost of living crisis isn't a crisis

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A woman has been criticised for appearing to downplay the cost of living crisis.

Posting on Mumsnet , the unnamed woman questioned if it would really impact most people and took issue with the use of the word "crisis".

She wrote: "Not meant to be inflammatory at all. I'm well aware of the hardships that some people and families will face. But for the majority of people in the UK, will it really be a 'crisis'? Isn't around half of the population middle class?"

Responding to her, people criticised her.

One person wrote: "If even one family out there is having to resort to food banks or having to choose between heating or eating then it’s too many.

"It doesn’t matter if there are a lot of people out there who aren’t struggling. Many, many are."

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"I don't think any of us can conceive what's coming," another said. "Until those bills start to roll in! I think even the most robust incomes will come under some strain unless truly wealthy."

A third said: "However many people are actually struggling to pay for the basics then it’s too many."

And a fourth wrote: "People are already suffering, it doesn't really matter how many. My parents are retired and have no mortgage left but they are absolutely terrified about how they are going to cope."

She added that her and her husband were not "high earners" and that they were "struggling just with food prices".

"Have no idea how we'll cope in the winter," she added. "I dread to think how families on benefits are going to cope."

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