People ‘thank the government’ for cost of living crisis in sarcastic union video

People ‘thank the government’ for cost of living crisis in sarcastic union video

Mock campaign lists ‘all the things we should be thankful to the government for'

Trade Union Congress

Look, we actually have a lot of things to thank the UK government for at the moment: being found to have broken the law and lockdown regulations with Downing Street parties, presiding over a cost of living crisis, and a whole lot more!

We’re being sarcastic, of course, and so to are the Trade Union Congress (TUC), in their latest campaign video taking aim at Boris Johnson’s handling of the economic crisis.

“With my energy bills going up by £1,300 this year, that £200 that they gave me – which I have to pay back – really helped,” beamed one individual.

Another added: “I want to thank the government for taking 5p a litre off my petrol. It almost makes up for the 40p it went up in the last year!”

TUC also called out the government’s delayed action on the practice known as ‘fire and rehire’, which sees an employer sack and then reemploy an individual, but on “less favourable terms”.


Do you want to thank this government? London rally, June 18. #borisjohnson #budget #money #energy #ukpolitics #cash #gas #inflation #economy #union

The government has previously described it as “completely unacceptable” and confirmed it would be bringing forward a statutory code on ‘fire and rehire’ to “clamp down on controversial tactics” following the P&O scandal.

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However, responding to a written question from deputy Labour leader Angela Rayner MP last month, labour markets minister Paul Scully said the code would be introduced “when parliamentary time allows”.

One woman in the TUC video quipped: “I’m sure they’re planning on stopping it soon… any day now?”

Turning to benefits, another individual said: “I want to thank the government for cutting £20 a week off my Universal Credit. Before I was able to eat and heat my home – so much simpler only having to do one!”

It comes amid reports of people having to choose between paying for energy bills or the weekly shop, with one mum-of-five in Manchester having to make the impossible decision after her heating costs rose to £760 a month.

The TUC video was released ahead of its rally in London on 18th June, where the union said it would “demand better” for working people, and people are loving the advert.

One user commented: “This has got to be the best advert eveeeeer!”

“Best advert I ever did see,” wrote another.

A third joked: “I’ll bring the mega pints.”

Though in a case of ridiculous irony, others pointed out they “can’t afford the rail fare” and that the “cost of the fuel prohibits” – and wanted to “thank the government for that too”.

The video was shared across TUC’s social media, including TikTok, which No 10 joined earlier this month – so maybe they’ll respond to the union’s concerns by ‘duetting’ the video?

We won’t hold our breath…

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