Munya Chawawa shares ‘genius’ skit on ‘day in the life’ of Suella Braverman

Munya Chawawa shares ‘genius’ skit on ‘day in the life’ of Suella Braverman

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Munya Chawawa

If he’s not parodying pop music to mock high-profile figures, then social media satirist Munya Chawawa is putting on a makeshift costume and filming a skit taking a dig at politicians, businessman and more – the latest being Home Secretary Suella Braverman amid outrage over her comments on a pro-Palestine protest taking place in London on Saturday.

Imagining what it would be like if Braverman was an influencer (perish the thought), Chawawa uploaded a video on Thursday in which he pops a towel on his head, pretends to be the Tory MP and shares a “day in the life” of the cabinet minister.

“So I wake up each day at about hate thirty and so some yoga. Here’s me doing the ‘f*** the poor child’s’ pose,” says Chawawa, bending down and showing off two middle fingers behind his back.

Running through an itinerary which includes FaceTiming Satan and making “a steaming cup of atroci-tea”, Chawawa’s ‘Braverman’ then details her “good deed for the day” in relation to the home secretary’s recent remarks on homeless people.

He continues: “Now, recently I said homelessness was a lifestyle choice, and they got pretty offended, so I’ve been making some signs for them to hang up in their tents.

“Things like: ‘be the beggar person’; ‘you can’t spell starving without “star”’; ‘live, laugh, leave… if you can’t afford to live in our country’.”

Good lord.

Throwing in a rogue peace sign for good measure, the clip concludes with ‘Braverman’ promising another video titled “Get Ready with Me: Rwanda Edition”.

Oh dear God...

Of course, Twitter/X users have been absolutely loving Chawawa’s biting critique, saying the comedian "never misses":

Alongside her comments on homeless people, Braverman is currently facing criticism over an article published in The Timesin which she claims there is a perception police officers “play favourites when it comes to protesters”, renewing calls for her to resign.

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